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Assemble a team and join us for an afternoon of confectionery construction. This isn't building a sweet gingerbread house with granny but a test of your imagination and wits. Each team will be given a standard gingerbread house kit and draft a "present" of construction materials and props to make some Wicked Christmas creations.

-Teams should register in the pub with a $10 entry fee.
-Registration open NOW until 15 spots are filled
-Teams should arrive between 1-1:30 to select prop boxes
-Decoration will commence at 1:30 to be completed by 4
-Builds will be displayed in the taproom Dec. 2-9
-Patrons will have the ability to vote on their favorite theme throughout the week.
-Winning Team will awarded $100 Gift Card and entrance for 2024 Build- Off 

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